Round 1 | #proudtobeabulldog

Round 1 | #proudtobeabulldog

Another year, another win at Brooky. Thank goodness we don’t go there for at least another year #proudtobeabulldog

— Mel (@lil_mel6) March 4, 2016

Great win for the boys #proudtobeabulldog

— Aj Edmonds (@EdmondsAj) March 6, 2016

Well done j Moz a centurion #proudtobeabulldog ??????♨️ ????❤️????????????

— Marley Munchie (@marley_munchie) March 6, 2016

I must admit I am proud of the #proudtobeabulldog ranking on Twitter last year. Wouldn’t expect anything less this year @NRL_Bulldogs ?

— its☀️NikkiG (@nikgii) March 7, 2016

so proud of our boys! good job to both teams, hell of a game ?#proudtobeabulldog ?

— brookee (@brookee_37) March 5, 2016

It’s the best feeling waking up after a win #proudtobeabulldog

— Ben Wallwood (@benny11997) March 4, 2016

What a way to start the season last night @NRL_Bulldogs! Thanks @joshreynolds9 for delivering on the promise of a win ? #proudtobeabulldog

— Rove and Sam (@RoveAndSam) March 4, 2016

The @NRL_Bulldogs proved a lot of the "experts" wrong tonight..Mighty effort, keep it up champs #proudtobeabulldog

— Proud Bulldog Fan (@GT351_JONS) March 4, 2016

My 3 2 1 points

3 Graham 2 Reynolds 1 jackson#proudtobeabulldog

— Anna (@spannaforce) March 4, 2016

Happy with the first @NRL_Bulldogs win for the season. Lots of positives to start. Hoping for many more to come! #proudtobeabulldog

— William Chau (@will_chau) March 4, 2016

The boys look happy! #proudtobeabulldog

— Bulldogs Fans (@NRLBulldogsFans) March 4, 2016

A fantastic start to 2016 @NRL_Bulldogs! Now to show this level of intensity every week #proudtobeabulldog #NRLManlyBulldogs

— Christi (@bulldogsqueen) March 4, 2016

THE DOGS ARE HAVING A PARTYYY ??? #proudtobeabulldog

— Courtney (@court_knee97) March 4, 2016

Round 1 | #proudtobeabulldog

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