The Mole’s Monday scoops!

The Mole’s Monday scoops! Written by THE MOLE, February 22, 2016

WELCOME to The Mole’s Monday Scoops! Here’s the highly accurate rodent’s best work this week . . .


THE chief executive officer of a nationwide hotel chain is set to become the next boss of the NRL.

Officials are close to naming the hotel baron as the man to succeed David Smith in the hot seat.

But the hotelier wasn’t the NRL’s first choice – they wanted Warriors chief executive Jim Doyle to take on the role.

Despite being asked by the NRL several times to accept the post, Doyle declined, preferring a more laid-back lifestyle in the Shaky Isles to the high profile position as the face of the game.

A SAVAGE spray from coach Paul McGregor was the secret behind the Dragons’ stunning 46-10 win over the Warriors in the Kiwi town of Nelson last weekend.

Fuming at the way the Dragons lost to a below-strength Souths team in the Charity Shield the previous week, McGregor locked the doors at ANZ Stadium and gave his troops a furious serve.

Whatever he said obviously had an impact, with the Dragons looking red-hot in disposing of a full-strength Warriors team last weekend.

Trent Robinson

BOOM Roosters halfback Jayden Nikorima proved as elusive off the pitch as he was during his lively debut against St Helens.

The 19-year-old managed to dodge the waiting media and wasn’t made available for interview after a 38-12 World Club Series win.

The big question during the Roosters’ UK trip was whether they would be gun-shy with the media in wake of the Mitchell Pearce saga.

There was an air of tension at stages, but they still fulfilled their commitments. However, Channel Nine’s UK correspondent may have felt her 320km journey from London to St Helens was a wasted trip – when she asked about Pearce in the post-match press conference, the usually-affable Trent Robinson straight-batted with two word replies.

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