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Dragons Visit St George Area

Dragons Visit St George Area

The St George Illawarra Dragons have proudly completed their visit meeting locals and teaching students about the importance of wellbeing across the St George area.

A large group of Dragons players and staff visited school throughout the region to help deliver wellbeing messages to local communities, with a particular focus on proper hydration and sleep and encouraging a strong sense of belonging.

Local Renown United junior Jason Nightingale as well as teammates Tom Carr, Tyson Frizell, Taane Milne and Dylan Farrell were joined by both National Youth Competition team trio Ryan Fletcher, Izaac Thompson and Matt Dufty and Club Ambassador Dan Hunt and NRL Game Development Officers in delivering wellbeing programs to locals, which included interactive activities, together with educational resources.

The programs provided to all students were curriculum linked and endorsed by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), responsible for the national curriculum, assessment and reporting of students from Kindergarten to Year 12.

  • NRL Wellbeing: delivered to primary school students, focussing on empowering students to value health and wellbeing in their own lives.

  • Dream Believe Achieve: delivered to high school students, focussing on the important link between having hope and aspirations for the future and maintaining a positive wellbeing.

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