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Green: ‘I may never get offered the job again’

Green: ‘I may never get offered the job again’ Written by GREG PRICHARD , March 4, 2016

NORTH Queensland coach Paul Green has started the new season comfortable with his decision not to accept the Queensland State of Origin job on top of his club commitments, but well aware the opportunity might not come his way again.

Green tells RLW that while he was making up his mind whether to coach the Maroons, one of the people he spoke to for advice was his old club coach at Cronulla, John Lang.

“Funnily enough, ‘Langy’ told me he got offered the Queensland job once and knocked it back and never got offered it again,” Green says.

“So that’s the risk I took by saying no, but by the same token when I take a job on, whether it’s Origin or anything else, I want to make sure I do a good job and it probably wasn’t the right time for me. But it was a very tough decision, believe me.”


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