Is Your New Year’s Resolution Still On Track?

WARNING: More than half of all New Year’s Resolutions fail, but this year, yours doesn’t have to!!

Simply grab an Eels Membership today, make a resolution that you can stick to, and receive: 

–        Access into up to a MASSIVE 14 Games at ANZ Stadium. Make yourself comfortable and grab the best seats in the house with a Reserved Seat Membership.

–        Priority ONE Seating status for Western Sydney Stadium in 2019*.

–        Access into Interstate Eels Away Games**. Slightly out of town? Don’t stress, the boys will be travelling to Melbourne, Canberra, Newcastle, Townsville and Brisbane. 

–        DISCOUNTS! Save money this year with discounts on ticketing, ISC Merchandise and P1 Parking.

Don’t be another statistic, Be Blue & Gold in 2018.

Join Now! From just $5 per month.

*Full Season Members Only      

** Interstate Members Only

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