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NYC Late Mail | Round 2

NYC Late Mail | Round 2

With just one hour until the NYC side kicks off against the Raiders, Head Coach Anthony Barnes has finalised the side that will take to the field.

Ben Marschke and Sukamanu Raki will drop off the bench, with Bailey Faull locking up the final spot on the bench.


1. Jake Steadman

2. Bernard Lewis

3. Joseph Manu

4. Kiah Cooper

5. Johnny Tuivasa-Sheck

6. Connor Watson

7. Jesse Marschke

8. Poasa Faamausili

9. Grant Garvey

10. Shaquai Mitchell

11. Reuben Porter

12. Ryan King

13. Nat Butcher


15. Jarred Anderson

16. Ben Thomas

17. Luke Chalker

19. Bayley Faull

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