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On the day of #BellamySigns, takes a look at the reasons we all love Craig Bellamy.

1. His #purplepride

Craig will continue to hold the longest stint of any NRL coach at their current Club by some way. His new deal will see the super coach through to a 16th season! Purple runs through his veins.

2. Success

Success has been synonomous with Bellamy since he started his tenure in Melbourne. He has taken Storm to 12 finals series and boasts a remarkable 66% winning percentage.

3. His passion

There’s never ever any doubts on his passion for his Club.

4. That smile

A picture tells a 1000 words.

5. His connection with his players

Through thick and thin, Bellamy is always there for his players and holds a special bond with them.

Craig Bellamy @storm declared his love for @SteveTurner84 before @camsmith9

— colleen petch (@petchyheraldsun) July 17, 2015

6. The bucket hat

Because being sun smart is always important.

7. He’s a teacher

Craig has developed a host of talent both young and old over the years, helping them become better footballers and people. His record speaks for itself.

8. More than a coach

He’s always got time for the fans.

9. His love for Ryan Hinchcliffe

Because who doesn’t love Ryan Hinchcliffe? And this photo was too good not to share again!

10. Leads by example

The work ethic and values he sets are the pillars of what the Club and team culture have been built on.

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