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Toovey’s next move

Toovey’s next move Written by GREG PRICHARD, February 12, 2016

GEOFF Toovey is hoping a role on behalf of the NRL might become available to him once the governing body appoints a new CEO.

Toovey has been on the lookout for opportunities both inside and outside the game since finishing up as Manly coach at the end of last season. He is one of the club’s favourite sons, but that didn’t stop the Sea Eagles from sacking him and replacing him with Trent Barrett.

“I’ve looked at a few things, but I’m still hanging out for a job in football at this stage,” Toovey tells RLW.

“I’m hoping something might happen at the NRL. Not necessarily in some sort of coaching role, but maybe something else. I talked to a few people there a while back, but the NRL still has to appoint a CEO and if anything was to happen for me it wouldn’t be until after they did that.

“I just want to stay involved in the game, whether it’s as a coach or in some other role. I’ve got a recent background in coaching, but I’ve got a lifelong involvement in the game and I think I could have an influence in other areas of the game as well. I’m hoping something crystallizes over the next few months that allows me to stay in the game. I’m open to anything at the moment.”

Toovey says it is unlikely he would pick up a support role on another club’s coaching staff at this late stage going into the season.

“All of the clubs have made their arrangements,” he said.

“I was more concerned about my staff at Manly getting new roles at other clubs and they’ve been able to do that, which is recognition of the quality people that they are.”

Toovey says he has been invited back as an analyst on the Fox Sports show NRL 360 this season.

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