Trial updates | Vodafone Warriors v Titans

Live updates from the Vodafone Warriors’ NRL trial against Gold Coast at Sunshine Coast Stadium.

First Half

Almost under way. Been a wet, wet week on the Sunshine Coast but no rain right now.

1.00 | Solid start. Good first set.

3.00 | Great second set, Shaun Johnson grubber forcing Titans to start from their own line and then turn possession over bringing it out. Attacking scrum.

4.10 | Titans concede penalty. Repeat set. And now another penalty. Three sets on end.

5.10 | Make that four sets on end with Gold Coast penalised again.

5.55 | Can’t make it pay. Attack falters and ball put down.

7.00 | Pressure on Vodafone Warriors now, Leilani Latu making a bust up the middle enabling Gold Coast to finish the set with a kick into touch on the last tackle.

9.00 | Good carries up the middle led by a strong Ken Maumalo run. Last kick from Johnson allowed to bounce and runs into touch. Titans get a piggy back penalty out of their end.

10.30 | Under the pump. Repeat sets for Titans after six again call after failing to defuse bomb and then back-to-back penalties. Defending well on the line.

13.20 | Weight of possession tells. Ash Taylor grubber deflects off a boot and Taylor races through to ground for the first try of the match. Michael Gordon converts. Gold Coast 6, Vodafone Warriors 0.

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