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Update on Joseph Tapine saga

Update on Joseph Tapine saga Written by GREG PRICHARD, February 21, 2016

NEWCASTLE CEO Matt Gidley is hoping Knights coach Nathan Brown and Raiders coach Ricky Stuart can come to an agreement before the weekend is up that will fast-track promising young forward Joseph Tapine’s switch to the Raiders.

Tapine is contracted to Canberra for four years from next year, but the player’s manager, Jim Banaghan, is trying to get him there this season. Banaghan claims Newcastle are excluding Tapine from team activities because he chose not to re-sign with the club. The manager says he began legal action against the Knights on Friday.

Newcastle and the Raiders were playing each other in a trial match at Orange on Saturday night and Gidley was optimistic something could be worked out, involving a player swap, while the two teams were still in the central west.

“We’re exploring options regarding the possibility of Joe going to Canberra now,” Gidley tells RLW. “We’ve had discussions with Canberra. We’re not trying to drag our heels and slow the process down, we just believe it’s in our club’s best interests to carefully explore every option we can before we finalise the matter.

“‘Browny’ and Ricky are good mates, so they’ll have a discussion at some stage over the weekend about players Ricky may or may not entertain releasing.

“I’ll let the coaches work through that process. If something presents itself we’ll go down that path, but if not we’ll look at other options.”

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