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Walters unveils assistant coaches

Walters unveils assistant coaches Written by STAFF WRITERS, February 24, 2016

NEW Queensland Maroons coach Kevin Walters has announced his coaching staff for 2016.

Manly Sea Eagles assistant Anthony Siebold comes in as an assistant to Walters, while Trevor Gillmeister, Steve Walters and Allan Langer are all still involved.

Also joining the Maroons’ fold are former champion thrower and QAS senior strength and conditioning coach Chris Gaviglio, sports exercise physician Dr Matthew Hislop and physiotherapist Robert Godbolt.

“The staff that we are bringing in are highly credentialed, they know their roles and I’m confident they will do a tremendous job for the players and the people of Queensland,” Walters said in a media release.

“I felt the changes were needed just to freshen the place up and to bring in new ideas that will stimulate the players a little bit more.”

Walters paid tribute to outgoing staff Michael Hagan, Jason Hetherington, Dr Roy Saunders and Scott Thornton.

“They’ve been tremendous stalwarts for the Origin team and have played an important part in the Maroons’ success,” he added.

Queensland Maroons – coaching and support staff

Kevin Walters  (Coach)
Anthony Seibold (Assistant Coach)
Trevor Gillmeister (Assistant Coach)
Allan Langer (Trainer)
Steve Walters (Manager)
Gavin Allen (Manager)
Troy Thomson (High Performance)
Chris Gaviglio (Physical Performance Manager)
Dr Matthew Hislop (Sport & Exercise Medicine Physician)
Robert Godbolt (Physiotherapist)
Tony Spencer (Trainer)
Michael Hillier (Media)

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